Semiautomatic Liquid Filling Machine

Semiautomatic Liquid Filling Machine
  • Suitable for filling low to medium viscousity liquid or even liquid with particle such as vegetable oil, fruit juice, salad cream, sweet chilli sauce, suki sauce, oyster sauce, etc.
  • Applicable for glass, plastic, pouch, and metal containers.
  • Volumetric filling.
  • Fully pneumatic operations.
  • Manual operation by foot switch or intermittent operation by automatic model.

ModelA-PAC SPF 500 RVA-PAC SPF 1000 RV
Hopper40 L40 L
Filling range50-500 ml.100-1000 ml.
Capacity10-20 ppm10-15 ppm
Air pressure6 bar
6 bar
Dimension (WxLxH)500x1120x1507 mm.500x1120x1507 mm.


Remark Able to design machine according to customer requirement

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