Automatic Rotary 25 Head Rinser

Automatic Rotary 25 Head Rinser
  • To clean bottle before filling
  • Applicable for glass and plastic bottle containers.
  • No Bottle No Rinsing
  • The main frame and the enclosures of the machine are constructed of stainless SUS304.
  • PLC Controller.
  • Control system with 24 volts.
  • Adjustable to product size.
  • All parts are designed by computer and manufactured by computerized tooling machines.

ModelA-PAC ARR 16/1
Number of water spray nozzles25
Water injection1.0 sec
Dripping off3.75 sec
Capacity120-150 ppm
Power380V 3Phase 50Hz
Dimensions (WxLxH)2400x2200x1980

Remark Able to design machine according to customer requirement


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