Vegetable Slicing Machine

Vegetable Slicing Machine
  • This machine is suitable for the user of huge food industry such as canning food industry, dried food industry, processed food industry, hotel, restaurant, and etc.
  • The function of this machine is to slice vegetable such as celery, scallion, chili, long bean, asparagus, cucumber, banana, cabbage, lemongrass, and etc.
  • Operator is able to freely adjust speed of belt and knife rotation speed as there are 2 Inverters fitted for purpose of changing the cut length of product as desired.
  • It is constructed from Stainless Steel.

Cut size1-30 mm.1-30 mm.
Capacity200-300 kg./hr.500-600 kg./hr.
Power220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
Belt motor1/4 hp
1/2 hp
Knife motor1/2 hp
1 hp
DimensionW600 x L800 x H1300 mm.W800 x L1100 x H1550 mm.



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