Three-tanks Vegetable Washing Machine

Three-tanks Vegetable Washing Machine
  • To take out the mud and dirty substance from fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood.
  • There are 2 main washing functions, washing by water pump or washing by air bubble as customers preferable use.
  • Each drum is independent, different washing water such as chlorine can also be applied.
  • The machine can set washing time by timer, rotate drum by Hydraulic system, has PLC controller, and steam heat control system is optionally available.


Capacity15-20 kg./time
Motor (Pump)2 hp
Motor (Blower)1/2 hp
Hydraulic1 hp
Power380V 50Hz 3Phase
Drum DimensionW650 x L750 mm.
DimensionW1400 x L3670 x H1210 mm.


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